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    Digital Transformation Versus Technology Update

    A digital transformation can be such an enormously large elephant that you have to know where to start to eat it. All the businesses in the world – from multinational corporations to corner stores – are feeling the pressure of having to sophisticate or modernize operations and products in order to maintain competitiveness. But what most companies are not getting, is that this sophistication begins with their own business and management paradigms and not with the technology renewal. The first step for a Digital Transformation Process There are many flavors and depths of Digital Transformations, but what ultimately pushes that transformational process of a company is a strategy, not a…

  • Digital Transformation Versus Digital Disruption
    Digital Ecosystems

    Digital Transformation Versus Digital Disruption

    Digital Transformation Versus Digital Disruption. These terms are often used interchangeably to label initiatives that would only qualify as a simple “actualizations” of systems or technology.. In other words, projects seeking -for instance – to streamline the flow of information, but without dramatically impacting the value that is delivered and perceived by the consumers. Although digital transformation and digital disruption can be sequential and complementary processes, they are still two different types of journeys that require different levels of corporate maturity and different types of leaders. First let’s take the term “actualization” out of the way… When a company acquires or renews its technology to recover competitiveness or match its…

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    Digital Ecosystems

    Digital Ecosystems and The Customer Journey

    The Costumer Journey is that sequence of steps a In-market shopper takes to gather enough information to make a purchase decision. Although the length and complexity of the process vary from one category to another, the stages that the consumer goes through are standard: (1) awareness, (2) interest, (3) consideration, (4) purchase, (5) post- purchase and (6) re-purchase. The Marketing Challenge The challenge for those of us in marketing is that this trip is neither linear nor always forward. So, this journey will always have interruptions, changes in priorities and in the selection criteria. Although the data analysis can help predict some patterns, these interruptions and changes, added to the hyper-fragmentation…

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