Digital Consultancy

For more than 10 years I have been working with companies of all sizes – from Startups to Global Power Players – accumulating experience, documenting success stories, and evaluating tools for research and automation.  Now I want to take all these learnings and make them available to more medium and small businesses to help them plan and successfully implement their digital and e-commerce strategies.

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My main objective – besides making a little money on the side of course – is to guide those smaller companies with very limited budgets on how to invest in online initiatives that are really going to have a positive return, and also on how avoid falling into the hands of charlatans who will try to take advantage of their lack of experience.


The only restriction is that I must evaluate requests on a case-by-case basis to make sure that I have no conflict of interest with the company I work for or with any current or past client.

My standard rate per hour is $ 200 but the first 30 minutes are free.

100% on-demand

We can schedule anything from a one hour call up to any of the services described below.

Digital Strategy Coaching

Based on data and the best practices of your own industry, I can help you optimize the elements in your digital ecosystem to (1) maximize competitiveness; (2) encompass them with the consumer’s journey and (3) help you achieve your business objectives.

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Digital Marketing Plan

I use a very logical yet powerful methodology to develop a fact-based digital marketing plan, enabled by the most sophisticated research tools in the market and my professional experience in knowing where to look for insights and opportunities.

It is a three-step process:

  1. Scan the competitive landscape of our customer to identify the top performing players and their winning strategies.
  2. Short-term ecosystem and marketing plan and mid-term capabilities development roadmap
  3. Optimization costs, media investment and performance forecast.

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Digital Marketing Workshops

Customized programs of 4 or 8 hours (face-to-face or virtual) to put your company and your employees up to speed of what is happening in your industry in terms of digital marketing, identify the competitive gap with top players, and develop a collective plan to close that gap.

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How can I help

Since my bandwidth is limited, I have to pick my projects and engagements very carefully. Because once I am committed to help you, I will live my skin in the process of making you succeed.

Please let me know how can I help 🙂
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